My Fiction

I don’t take as much time as I should to work on my fiction, so I apologize that updates are slow, but I hope enjoy traveling in my universe. Known as the Grey Empire, I’ve written in this universe for years. I wrote an introduction to it here.

Map of Nelara

A map of Nelara, home planet of the Grey Empire, by

Further posts are organized by world-building essays, and by story. Currently I only have one serial in progress, but I have another in the outlining phase. If possible, I would like to have two concurrent stories, but I want to walk before I can run 🙂

Caveat: the chapters are posted in a lightly revised state. All of them are first drafts, so there may be inconsistencies, pacing issues, and other weirdness if you read ‘cover to cover’. I’m posting to get the stories out there, motivate myself to finish projects, and hopefully get some feedback to make the final editions much better.

Thank you in advance for taking a chance on unfinished fiction. Any constructive feedback is most appreciated!

World Building

Einar (Book 1 tentative title “Bearer of a Goddess”)

Thalia (her story may get woven into Einar’s, as she is a planned antagonist for him.)

Other Media

Sometimes I’ve seen other writers get asked about the music they write to. I like building massive writing playlists and listening to them on endless shuffle. I’m a Spotify fan, so you can listen to my Grey Empire playlist here if interested. Occasionally I also listen to an instrumental playlist compiled by the Alchemist (mainly music from the Elder Scrolls games, Guild Wars 2, and Divinity: Original Sin).

One day I will maybe get back into drawing – the rustiest of my creative skills – but in the meantime I use Pinterest to create boards of art that either fits a character or setting in the world. It’s not massively curated yet, but if interested you can perhaps get an even better sense of what certain characters and places in the Grey Empire look like.


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