An update after pulling back

Making the decision to share significantly less financial details and exiting the MMM forum community has had the effect I wanted. My depression and circle of self-hatred around my perception of our progress has lessened considerably. This was definitely the right decision. I appreciate the kind words many of you wrote here and in my forum journal.

Just today I completed another step and purged a lot of old posts here on the blog. With web archives, nothing ever truly disappears from the web, but I deleted all of the financial detail posts other than net worth, which I plan to continue updating as it’s a nice big-picture look at our journey to financial independence. I also deleted a bunch of old posts that just don’t really fit with the blog anymore, cutting the post numbers by about 25%.

I’ve been doing some structured school with the kids, but for the most part the past three months has been an unplanned experiment with unschooling. I’m building more school back in but the next two months will remain somewhat busy as I am busy preserving the harvest and closing out sections of the garden for winter. I’m also learning the idiosyncracies of our livestock.


5 Comments on “An update after pulling back”

  1. Jay says:

    Sounds good. I liked the MMM forums but the threads were very long and I couldn’t always follow the entire conversation. This may be a better format. Maybe a lot of your followers there will start logging comments here. You can always include the financial stuff at a high level, which is fun to read, but skip a lot of the detailed expenses. Good luck!

    • David says:

      Jay, I’m not sure what other high-level stuff I’ll share besides the FI progress, but I’ll give that some thought. I tend to write posts very spur-of-the-moment without pre-planning. So maybe an idea will strike.

  2. It’s interesting to me what people are comfortable sharing. The Frugalwoods, for contrast, share all their spending but NOT their net worth. (I’ve enjoying watching yours climb!) That works for them, this works for you, and some of us just spill almost anything on the interwebs.

    Glad you’re feeling better.

    • David says:

      Yeah, a lot of people seem to feel the need to conceal their net worth. I think it stems from a liability concern. I’ve been encouraged a lot in sharing the progress, though, so it’s good positive reinforcement. I keep a paper net worth chart in the kitchen (at Maria’s request) and she even noticed I’d added a little to it recently because I’d used a slightly different colored pencil to fill it in.

      • thatguy says:

        > I think it stems from a liability concern.
        I suspect there is also a component of not wanting people to ask too many tough questions about your current path. “You’re worth XXX and you’re still working? And you’re still trying to make extra money via blog income on top of that? Why?” Because those are questions that pop up in most regular peoples’ heads when confronted with others who already have a lot of assets. Particularly people who seem to have it made and yet are extolling the virtues of not needing so much. Why do you need more, especially when you are telling me, your reader, that I don’t need much at all? It seems there can be an element of hypocrisy in play.

        anyway I follow you anon and am glad you are feeling better.

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