Net Worth – Q2 2016


  • Home (Estimated Market Value): $70,000
  • 401(k): $61,122
  • tIRA: $17,532
  • Non-Earmarked Cash: $1,350
  • HSA (invested portion): $946
  • Total: 150,950
  • Assets towards FI: $80,950
    • Approximate passive income this would generate annually: $3,238


  • Home Mortgage: $100,701 @6.5% –> PMI makes it effectively ~7.1%
  • Student Loan (Alchemist A): $1,197 @0.1%
  • Student Loan (Alchemist B): $22,061 @3.9%
  • Medical Debt @0%: $0 –>retired since last update
  • Total: $123,959

Net Worth: $26,991

Net Worth Last Quarter: $24,258

Net Worth 1 Year Ago: $17,213

Net Worth At the Start (End 2013): -$33,948


2 Comments on “Net Worth – Q2 2016”

  1. Jay says:

    Hi Chief, are you sure your house isnt worth more? Assuming you purchased it for at least $100K maybe prices are rebounding with low interest rates?

    • David says:

      Pretty sure. We had an assessor out about a year ago that pegged it at mid 70s. Some basic TLC to the kitchen and bathroom will boost the value considerably but those projects are still to come.

      By the time we have a cash position to move the value will probably have recovered somewhat but I personally like to peg the value low for motivational purposes πŸ™‚

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