Homestead Diary Week Ending April 8th


The view today



Hard Frosts.


That basically sums up the week so far. It’s stayed cool, wet, with at least one night well below freezing.

The broccoli I risked early has been severely damaged by frost. I may out of curiosity let them try and live but I’ll plant replacements for all of them. The starts I’ve held back indoors are doing great. Hard to know when to risk another planting.

Spotted quite a few peas with radicals emerging from the seed, so that is exciting. Rhubarb crowns are moving from shoots to little baby leaves. Raspberries look to be breaking bud.

Lastly, a representative from a different Department Of Making You Sad visited and said I might need to modify my sidewalk strip planting beds. He wanted to tell me to straight up remove them but I challenged him on that. The city ordinance allows me to do exactly as I’ve got them. There are additional “guidelines” put out by said Department that are stricter, including a rule I’d honestly missed in my research about the beds needing to be at grade instead of raised. I’m not sure what force those guidelines have versus the ordinance.

He said if I never receive a letter I’m in the clear, so I’d guess if I’ve heard nothing by end of next week, I’m probably in the clear. If I’m not, I’ll look into whatever appeal, variance, or permit I might be able to get because the raised beds honestly look so much better even if they’re technically in violation. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.



One Comment on “Homestead Diary Week Ending April 8th”

  1. Jay says:

    Do you think you have a neighbor complaining? It seems like you get vistited a lot by the city for various things. They should have better things to do and leave you guys alone. Keep your chin up. Weather is the biggest driver of changes in my own mental state. You’ll feel much improved when the weather finally breaks!

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