2016 Goals


  • Body fat to ~15%. 
  • Continue weightlifting 3 day/week.
  • Vigorous cardio at least 5 day/week for minimum 30 minutes.
  • Hike 50 miles of the IAT.
  • Go to dentist once.

Personal development/lifestyle

  • Work on my fiction every day, but forgive myself if I miss a day here or there.
  • Play video games at least once a week.
  • Sketch once a week.


  • Stick to my “1 room every day” cleaning schedule.
  • Keep the garden maintained and productive without neglecting other household and parenting duties.
  • Add chickens into the food production mix
  • Continue to buy local/sustainable food where possible without compromising our financial goals
  • Throw a “harvest fest”
  • Make dry-ice root beer “witches brew” for Halloween and/or for the harvest fest.