2015 goals: Q3 check in

Just a brief check in on my goals and seeing how they’re going. I neglected to update this at the end of Q2 but they’ve been on my mind lately, so I figure this is a sub-conscious sign I should check-in with the end of Q3 approaching. The original post is here.

  • Quit my job. –>accomplished!
  • Eat healthier AND more seasonally. –>Doing well so far. Sometimes my “carb loading” goes a bit crazy and I get in a funk, but between the garden, CSA, and the excellent farmer’s markets here it’s pretty damn hard not to eat well. The locavorism challenge I’ve started should help keep up the momentum even into the lean months.
  • Do more science and history in homeschooling. –> We’ve made some progress here.
  • Increase home food production. Stretch goal: acquire chickens. –>I plan on doing a garden post-mortem once the first killing frost hits, as I’m still harvest pounds of tomatoes, some zucchini and broccoli, and have a fair number of live winter squash vines yet. As of this writing we’ve offset more than $600 of our food costs, and much of the food has been of a quality that you literally can’t buy – at any price.
  • Increase muscle mass. –> Touching my own body feels strange. I’ve never had this much muscle mass before. My body-fat could still drop appreciably but I’ve really enjoyed the progress so far.
  • Bike an unsupported solo century (100 miles) –> Over our summer vacation to Baltimore, I took a day trip and biked 80 miles RT, nearly all of it on gravel. I’m told this is as hard as 100+ on pavement. So, I (sort of) accomplished it. To be honest? It was miserable after about mile 50. I think I have a bike fit issue, as my arms/back fatigue and get sore long before my “motor” conks.
  • Reduce waste and overall footprint. –>going pretty well, though I’ve definitely relaxed my efforts.
  • Take at least one ‘fun’ vacation (e.g. not to visit family or friends). –> Did this and wrote about it here.
  • Learn how to car camp. Stretch goal: do an overnight backpacking or bike touring trip. –>See above. Backpacking and bike touring will have to wait.
  • Keep writing fiction regularly. Add one more character serial. Stretch goal: get to a point with Einar’s story (or character #2) that I can revise it and package it as a polished e-book. –>Oh dear, this goal has failed miserably.
  • Buy no new clothes in 2015. –>On target. My only purchase has been (badly needed) shoes.
  • Learn the basics of homebrewing beer and/or hard cider/fruit based fizzy adult beverages. –>Nope. Maybe a winter project but I’ll probably be using my personal/hobby $ for other things. I’ve toyed with picking up cider from the orchard to brew, but to be honest? The hard ciders I’ve tried at parties have not been particularly enjoyable (too sweet).

4 Comments on “2015 goals: Q3 check in”

  1. Siim Land says:

    There’s only 3 months left. You better hustle.:D Good luck!

  2. efg345 says:

    hard apple cider

    1 washed milk jug
    1 balloon with 5-10 holes poked into it with a needle
    2-3 cups of sugar
    1 package of dry bread yeast(or a table spoon)
    1 can of concentrated apple juice
    Water (not distilled)

    -Fill milk jug about halfway with water and leave out till room temp 1-2 hours
    -Leave apple juice concentrate out to warm up too.
    -after the water and juice have warmed up put the yeast in warm water to get started
    -put sugar into milk jug and shake until dissolved.
    -put juice into jug and shake hard until mixed
    -put yeast into jug and shake vigorously until mixed
    -fill milk jug with water up to or just above the should and again shake
    -put balloon over milk jug opening
    -put jug in an area that will keep between 70-80F (I put mine on top of the water heater)

    The mix will begin to bubble and the balloon inflate within 24 hrs. If not add more yeast.

    Wait until cider stops bubbling and the liquid becomes a clear yellow.

    Gently (so you do not disturb the sediment) pour off the apple cider into another container leaving the sediment behind. If you get a little sediment mixed with the clear that is ok it won’t hurt you.

    Put over ice and drink. Or mix it with apple juice to get more of an apple flavor.

    You should have about 10 – 14% alcohol.

    If you want you can split one can of concentrated apple juice between two jugs and then use 3-4 cups of sugar.

    If you want something stronger. Just utube freeze distillation.

  3. efg345 says:

    FYI The brewing process takes about 4-6 weeks

  4. Mindful Riot says:

    For what it’s worth on the long ride – bike fits ARE crucial, but I’ve gotten fits done before and I still have a lot of upper back & neck fatigue on long rides if I don’t put in the training time to slowly expose my body to longer and longer periods of time on the bike. Do make sure you’re not too stretched out on the bike, though.

    Of course, this year I solved that problem by just doing no long rides at all. Ha.

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