Goblin Hoard: Net Worth Q2 2015

The stock market must have gone backwards a bit this quarter. Nor have we done any debt prepayment lately. And we have new (medical) debt. So, not a stellar quarter from a net worth perspective.

Mr. Market will do what Mr. Market does, but we’ll be back on an offensive footing in Q3 unless more unfortunate life events happen. Hopefully I can report a lot more progress on September 30th 🙂


  • Home (Estimated Market Value): $80,000
  • 401(k): $55,044
  • tIRA: $17,109
  • Non-Earmarked Cash: $2,508
  • HSA: we do have some HSA savings, but at this point I’m counting it as “spent” money already. Once the balance gets sufficiently large (who knows when?) I’ll factor this in with NW.
  • Total: $154,661


  • Home Mortgage: 103,598 @6.5% –> PMI makes it effectively ~7.1%
  • Student Loan (Chief A): 1,481 @0.1%
  • Student Loan (Chief B): 5,317 @6.5%
  • Student Loan (Alchemist A): $1,991 @0.1%
  • Student Loan (Alchemist B): $24,273 @3.9%
  • (New) Medical Debt @0%: $788
  • Total: $137,448

Net Worth: $17,213

For an explanation of the FI possibility spaces, see this post.

Net Worth Q2 2015


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