Mid-June 2015 Mini Garden Update

We’ve been picking small amounts of snap peas for about a week now. I don’t think the current patch is big enough to ever overload us but I will gladly take that if it does. I will likely pick peas when we go strawberry picking (same farm) to get enough to freeze and/or dehydrate.

Spinach has all bolted now. My family’s spinach lasagna recipe is a great way to use up what we did get from the garden (not much) and the CSA. Lettuce is overwhelming us between CSA and the garden. Only so much salad you can make. Lettuce wraps/cups are enjoyable but again can only dent it so much. We’ll see if we do a CSA share again next year; if we do, I’ll plant much less lettuce, if at all. I’ve also picked some of our kale, and some of our kale/broccoli hybrid. The chard probably won’t be usable at all this year – looks awful between wind, insect, and animal damage.

That’s all we’ve been eating so far but I spied quite a few neat things in the garden today while weeding, and had to run in to grab the camera.


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