June 2015 Garden Tour

I’m a bit past due for a garden update. We’ve gotten good rain up until the past week, which is the first I’ve had to irrigate except for seedling trays. Weeding has kept me somewhat busy, but the one-two punch of a collinear hoe to shave weed seedlings and a Dutch hand hoe for the more recalcitrant weeds like grass has proven very time efficient.

Harvest has been mostly limited to spinach and a few cuttings of mesclun mix. I think I took a few nips of the rhubarb as well. Just today, however, I spotted our first snap pea pods! Snap peas are one of my absolute favorite vegetables, especially hand-to-mouth raw from the garden. Hoping for a good crop this year, as I devoted quite a bit of space to them. Depending on how fast they size up, we should get some kohlrabi soon as well.

I’ve made a few apparent failures this year. Our peach sapling died back after (I think) getting too dry, but is now fighting back with new non-sucker growth. A few of my purchased rhubarb crowns have not thrived at all, I think because of poor siting on my part. Despite rhubarb’s reputation as an unkillable plant, it is somewhat fragile until getting established. One of the beds I picked for squash is getting more shade than I anticipated now that our massive maple tree has leafed out. I’ve got fingers crossed that the bed will be productive. If not, I’ll try something more shade tolerant next year.

As far as successes go, it’s too early to tell, but I think a few of the varieties I’ve picked seem very well suited to this climate. Judging by plant vigor, Cosmonaut Volkov and SunGold tomatoes both seem very happy here. Arcadia broccoli continues to impress from last year. I’ll obviously have more thoughts as the season progresses.

Many people ask about animal damage. The fence helps a lot. In the non-fenced areas, we had some minimal nibbling on the snap pea vines, quite a bit of nibbling on the strawberries I couldn’t fit within the fence. That’s about it. Despite their reputation, the rabbits have not nibbled on my unprotected salad greens or carrots. Yet.

More comments in the gallery below.


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