Goblin Hoard: Net Worth Q1 2015

We’re in the positive for the first time ever as adults! Woot!


  • Home (Estimated Market Value): 80,000
  • 401(k) combined: 72,345
    • my 401(k) will soon be rolled over into a tIRA with Vanguard
  • Cars: 1,000
  • Cash Savings: 1,600
  • Total: 154,945


  • Home Mortgage: 104,161 @6.5% –> PMI makes it effectively ~7.1%
  • Student Loan (Chief A): 1,961 @0.1%
  • Student Loan (Chief B): 5,960 @6.5%
  • Student Loan (Alchemist A): $2,189 @0.1%
  • Student Loan (Alchemist B): $24,826 @3.93%
    • Note: this was refinanced from 6.5% with SoFi.
  • Total: 139,097

Net Worth: 15,848

Savings Rate Calculation

  • Savings: 8,823 (cash, principal paydowns, and 401(k) contributions)
  • Income: 18,601 (net income plus 401(k) match)
  • Rate: 47%

For an explanation of the new FI possibility spaces, see this post.

Net Worth Q1 2015


7 Comments on “Goblin Hoard: Net Worth Q1 2015”

  1. Major congratulations on being in the black! That’s gotta feel good! You have worked reeeeally hard to make negative worth a temporary situation when it could have lasted years.

  2. JayP says:

    Awesome! Congrats.

  3. You’re in the black! I really enjoy watching your progress; it’s so inspiring.

    • David says:

      Thanks for the kind words. To be honest, it’s hard to see the progress day-to-day, but seeing it in numbers does help provide context.

  4. I am nearing the end of my frugal journey (DH and i in our 60s, still working as teachers, kids out of college), but I am so enjoying reading about you and your family. I look back on the chaotic and often stressful early days of our frugal family as incredibly happy times.

  5. […] why it’s great. The Goblin Chief is more than just a personal finance blog. Sure, it covers my family’s journey to FI, but I share a lot about our homeschooling, gardening, recipes, and even a little bit of serial […]

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