2015 Goals: Q1 check in

Just a brief check in on my goals and seeing how they’re going. The original post is here.

  • Quit my job. –>accomplished!
  • Eat healthier AND more seasonally. –>Doing well so far
  • Do more science and history in homeschooling. –>Needs work
  • Increase home food production. Stretch goal: acquire chickens. –>A bit early yet, but plans are in place to grow more food. Chickens have been pushed to 2016.
  • Increase muscle mass. –>going quite well
  • Bike an unsupported solo century (100 miles) –>haven’t had much time (or good weather) to do long training rides. So far only at 28 miles, which is below 2014’s max of 46.
  • Reduce waste and overall footprint. –>going well
  • Take at least one ‘fun’ vacation (e.g. not to visit family or friends). –>A camping trip is scheduled for later in the summer.
  • Learn how to car camp. Stretch goal: do an overnight backpacking or bike touring trip. –>Car camping is planned (see above). No idea if the other things will happen. I am thinking no at this point.
  • Keep writing fiction regularly. Add one more character serial. Stretch goal: get to a point with Einar’s story (or character #2) that I can revise it and package it as a polished e-book. –>Until this past week, this was definitely lacking, but I’m back at it and hopefully will have good things to report in Q2.
  • Buy no new clothes in 2015. –>On target.
  • Learn the basics of homebrewing beer and/or hard cider/fruit based fizzy adult beverages. –>Have not made any progress as yet.

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