March Hike – Honk If You Like Fungi

Last weekend we took a fun, though quite muddy, hike at our favorite local hiking spot – the Pike Lake Unit of Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine State Forest. We come here many, many times each year and find it very cool to see how different the same place looks as the seasons change. The only time we haven’t made it up here is in the middle of winter. I keep forgetting that winter hikes can be fun too, so hopefully we will rectify that next winter.

While walking around, many other hikers seemed surprised that we were stopping to take so many pictures, but the Alchemist and I were both like “seriously, do you not have eyes?” The hues of early spring may seem drab, but there are really cool finds to be had if you have the eyes – and the Alchemist’s are even better than mine when it comes to spotting interesting fungi, plant formations, and whatnot. Enjoy the gallery below.


5 Comments on “March Hike – Honk If You Like Fungi”

  1. livingafi says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for sharing these pictures. They’re quite beautiful.

    • David says:

      Thanks! I’ll make sure to pass the compliment on, as most of these were taken by the Alchemist. She’s finally taking the time to learn the dSLR she saved up for but then left for me to use up till now 🙂

  2. longwaytogo says:

    Nice pics! Wife and I are slackers on pictures, always use our phone and barely even remember to take any. Luckily my sister and some of our friends have big fancy cameras which take tons of photos which they share with us.

    Have not had our first family hike yet, it’s finally warmed up but insanely muddy. hopefully this week finally.

  3. […] the past we’ve done most of our hikes at the Pike Lake Unit of the Kettle Moraine State Forest, which […]

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