Are You A Slave?

No civilization can be healthier than the life energy in the food it eats.

-Joel Salatin

You are what you eat.

What we label as ‘you’ is really a community of beings, a veritable microcosmos. The bacteria we depend on outnumber what is genetically human by a count of at least 3:1 according to recent science. No biological system can thrive without nutrients.

You are what the community of beings called ‘you’ can thrive on.

The government heavily regulates what you can feed that community. Massive subsidies that distort the market by promoting some of the worst possible agriculture: monocultured corn, sugarcane, and other crops. Regulations which stand in the way of innovation, local pioneers, and cottage industry. Regulations that stand in the way of true nutrition, true health, and regrounding our community of beings in the local terroir of the soil which nourishes us.

If you do not have unfettered freedom over food consumption, you are owned.

You are a slave.


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