Photos – October 2014


Goblin Alpha spotted this really cool grasshopper at the park yesterday. It was calm enough that it let me get my crappy phone camera close enough to get some really cool macro shots. I used to be wigged out by insects as a kid, but I’m finding them fascinating as I’m older. The goblins like them too, as long as they don’t move too suddenly (try telling a grasshopper that!).

Anyways, I just wanted to share some cool recent photos in the gallery below.

The Alchemist just bought a refurbished Nikon D3200. The kit lens has a nice 18-55mm zoom. Not sure what the f-stop is but it took some respectable pictures last night with me futzing around. So maybe our photography will get better shortly 🙂

A sample from last night and just now:


One Comment on “Photos – October 2014”

  1. The new camera looks like it works great! The grasshopper did look pretty cool up close!

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