Hiking with Goblins – September 2014


The bees were so cold they were barely moving their antennae. It was really neat to watch them in slow motion.

I’ve been wanting to get out and take a nice hike for a while, but weather and timing hasn’t quite worked out until today. While the morning was chilly enough that the bees were barely moving, that kept the mosquitoes off us for most of the day.

Hiking with goblins takes a few things:

  1. Patience. The walk is at their pace, and only ever at their pace. Every pretty rock, stick, and flower MUST be inspected. If deemed collectible, it MUST be stuffed in their pockets.
  2. Open eyes, but especially open ears. Sometimes I’m the one who spots or hears cool things, but my goblins always surprise me with their observation skills.
  3. The tenacity to “death march” them past their comfort zone. A self-directed child will rarely hike more than a mile. Today we did a bit over 5 miles, though it took over 3 hours to do. Yes, they complain, but they’ll thank you afterwards.
  4. Snacks and water. Granola works really well for us.

Besides the bee featured above, we also really enjoyed the “astronomy trail”, which is a scale model of the solar system built on just over 1,000 yards. It’s amazing how close the sun/mercury/venus/earth/mars are compared to the rest of the solar system.



5 Comments on “Hiking with Goblins – September 2014”

  1. I always accuse Mr. FP of taking me on “death marches.” We are in the initial stages of teaching our toddlers to hike on their own feet as they are getting awfully heavy for our two excellent back carriers. They can do a couple of miles. Did you really get your four-year-old to walk FIVE MILES? (Bows in admiration.)

    • David says:

      Two tips:

      1. Approach it just like you would your own athletic training. Increase distance gradually.

      2. Snacks. I can’t understate the importance of this enough.

  2. Looks like a gorgeous trail. I too am impressed that you made it five miles with the goblins! Funny enough, that’s our dog’s distance limit as well (hence we don’t take her with us on most of our hikes). Snacks! I need snacks too 🙂

  3. mrs TIP says:

    bravo! that’s impressive. it looks like it was a beautiful hike.

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