Cold Shock

Yesterday we had a 30 degree swing in temperature overnight. The cold weather stuck around today and the weekend won’t be much warmer. Yep, it’s fall!

I had to reach back in my brain for how to dress, balancing the fact that we needed to bike somewhere but biking with kids is considerably slower than biking by myself. For the goblins, I was really proud of them. After an initial shock (it’s cold Daddy!) they warmed up to the idea of being out in the cold. We ran a few errands but then played at the park for two hours at a windy 45F.

In fact, I was the one who gave in first. Since I was sitting down and reading, the wind started to cut through my layers, and I’d forgotten to bring gloves. One of these days I’ll even get gloves that let me work the Kindle.

Winter, with its even colder temperatures, salt, snow, and slush is its own beast – but I think yesterday was a good indication of how we’ll weather it.


6 Comments on “Cold Shock”

  1. Chilly today here, too! We even turned on the heat. (We don’t pay our individual gas bill–it’s metered out among the apartment complex–so there’s little incentive to be a martyr about it.)

    Mr. FP drove the car to work, leaving the tots and me to make our way to the library by bike in the chill and gloom. (It didn’t actually snow, so that’s a win!) I don’t have any good pants for winter biking but I wore my bike shorts under my jeans and put a hair band on the leg so it wouldn’t get caught in the chain, and that seemed adequate. As the cold sets in I may need to get some better gear, Gloves for sure, as folding the ends of my sleeves over my knuckles is not a long-term solution :-).

    • David says:

      I just picked up a second pair of rain pants because my set from last winter, while serviceable, has a hole torn in the crotch. Breathable waterproof pants and jackets (like Marmot’s PreCip line or GoreTex) are the best outer layer because they keep you dry in bad weather, but keep the wind out no matter what.

      For gloves, I wear waterproof ski gloves. Others go with the lobster claws attached to the handle bars and lighter weight gloves on the hands.

  2. annajuna says:

    Yes, I’m loving the cold weather!

    • David says:

      I wouldn’t say I’m loving it. I like being able to stay outdoors indefinitely, so it’s a tad cold for my ideal taste, but I’m a lot more adaptable than I used to be.

  3. Gero1369 says:

    Yes, the lack of real summer temps kinda sucked and the colder weather has come fast and furiously. I’m sitting in my 57 degree house remembering how seven years ago, I was standing on a Jamaican beach saying marriage vows. Cold weather comes and goes, warm memories help to remove the teeth from the biting cold. Stay warm in the coming seven to nine months of cooler weather!

  4. mrs TIP says:

    wow, what? cold?

    i’m in Texas, so we were blown away when it got below 70 the other week…now it’s back up to the 80’s. alas.

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