Dilly Bean and Cucumber Garden Salad

All it needs is a little olive oil.

All it needs is a little olive oil.

The idea of pickled foods increasingly appeals to me, but the sourness is so strong that I can only snack on a couple bites before it’s too strong for my palate. I made my first batch of Dilly Beans a couple weeks ago (I used the version in Canning for a New Generation), and finally brought up a jar to “test” the recipe.

As a pure snacking food, I like the beans better than pickles (even baby dills) because of the miniature size. The strength of flavor is still an issue, so I thought of a different way to prep them, especially since I haven’t been very hungry in the middle of the day this week.

Enter the Dilly Bean salad. It’s so simple I’m not going to give a recipe. I pulled some buttercrunch lettuce I’d cut and washed out of the fridge, sliced up a cucumber, and diced up some dilly beans out of the jar. The beans are strong enough that the only dressing the salad needs is some olive oil.

Do you like pickled foods? What are some of your favorite uses?


3 Comments on “Dilly Bean and Cucumber Garden Salad”

  1. Moonwaves says:

    Ha. I struggle a bit with the strongly sour taste, too. Which is a pity because I really enjoy making various pickles. Last year I discovered that I love pickled onions though – the sweetness of the onions against the tang of the pickling works really well. Now I have the dilemma of wanting to make something I like while not wanting to spend hours finding and peeling those little small onions. I may just try it with slices. Anyway, with regard to dilly beans, the only recommendation I can give you is not to add them to a quiche. Tried that once in an effort to use up a jar and it was a real struggle to finish that quiche.

    • David says:

      I think I’m going to try making them spicier next time. I also want to try making some bread and butter pickles.

      What about using baby or spring onions for the pickled onions? They wouldn’t need peeling as far as I know.

  2. nankilicious says:

    I thought that I did not like pickles-but it turns out I dont like dill sour pickles. Those were the only ones Id ever been exposed to. I really like bread and butter pickles. Also, I like pickled carrots. and pickled grapes. I really like the recipes at Food In Jars blog, they are small batch, so very manageable.

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