3 Months of Hard Work in the Garden


In April, everything except the perennials up against the house was grass. I think we’re making decent progress here 🙂

The weather’s been good for tilling, so I’ve gotten a good chunk of new bed area dug in, but there’s a limit to how much I can dig each day – even without attending to the kids – because digging all of this manually is hard on the knees and feet, especially the heavily compacted soil I’m digging in right now. And in my experience, a powered rototiller would just bounce around and create pollution on such tough turf.

It’s too late in the year to plant much of anything, so all the new beds are getting green manure cover crops for tilling in late September or early October – whenever the leaves start falling. Then I’ll pile leaves over all of the beds and let the worms go to town making new soil for me over the winter and early spring. Not sure how much decomposition will happen in a Wisconsin winter, but free soil is free – and worm castings add lots of fertility. I can tell I’m a gardener because I get excited when I see fat, happy worms in my dirt.


3 Comments on “3 Months of Hard Work in the Garden”

  1. Amy K says:

    Why not plant something short season – radishes, lettuce, green onions, etc.?

    • David says:

      The soil’s pretty poor, so I think we’ll benefit more in the long run by planting a cover crop this year to give a longer nitrogen-fixing time.

      I do have seedlings that will get planted in among those beds, however, if they grow up as planned. Some broccoli, basil, thyme, and ground cherries.

  2. […] lot of people were impressed with the garden at the end of last year, but the beds in those pictures only represent #14-20 on the map above. I thought I was doubling […]

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