Upcycled plant pots: bust


I thought I had a really cool idea in using “free” berry bins to grow seedlings under lights. They suck.

Problem #1: rectangular

Problem #2: even the containers that are square(ish) are non-standard sizes that don’t optimize the limited space under your grow lights, especially if you use no-drain plant trays to upwater. The few I have left are all getting rinsed out and put in the city recycling bin.

That said, I had really good luck transplanting cherry tomatoes with little to no root mass. Here’s hoping the same is true of Arcadia broccoli and basil. I’ve heard really good things about the hardiness of Arcadia, and I can’t really screw up basil anymore than I already have.

If plants have established root mass, I’ve heard recommendations to use a fork, but when the plant is little more than a sprout, a large spoon works best (see picture).


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