So you CAN eat shelling peas whole


Might as well be a snow pea


I’d always read that you couldn’t eat the pods of shelling peas, so I thought they were literally inedible. Turns out that’s not the case. What makes snap peas different from shelling peas is a gene in the latter that makes vellum in the pod. The pod is still edible, but it’s very fibrous when mature. Apparently you can make a peapod soup by cooking and then straining/sieving it, but if you catch them young enough they taste just like snowpeas.

I remember from watching Tested’s tour of the Modernist Cuisine headquarters that pea vines could be used as a salad green, but apparently the whole plant Pisum sativum is edible. (Worth noting that the sweet pea, which is a different species, is not thoroughly edible.)

I just tested this out after reading this thread and it tastes just like a snow pea. I’m even more excited about our peas.

More importantly, I know what’s for dinner!


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