Garden Quest # 7 – June Photo Tour

This update is more about the pictures than the words. I think we’ve made good progress for a first-year garden with minimal outlay. The Alchemist and I were super geeked to see our first pea pods growing. They’re sneaky little bastards. One was nearly full-size, so we went ahead and sampled it. I am kicking myself for buying a shelling variety instead of a snap one, but those peas – all five of them – were incredible. So sweet and tender. Raw food dieters should really, really grow their own food. Maybe they’d actually convince more people than with sad supermarket produce.


Corn: With limited soil that’s in good growing condition, I nixed the corn. We got a terrible stand, with <40% germination, and I knew whatever lasted wouldn’t be enough to get pollination. Next year I may not even try.




Green beans seem happy and continue to push out new foliage. No blooms yet.


Lettuce: We have some butterhead seedlings sprouting. Not a great time of year, but this variety is supposed to be heat tolerant.


Peas: Aside from the variety snafu, which I’ll fix next year, I’m happy about the progress. The blooms are delicate and attractive. It’s also cool how the fruit emerges from the center of the flower before the petals even drop. I know my parents grew peas when I was little, but I never remember that detail.



Peppers: I gave up on my seed starts weeks ago, but I was at a local nursery and they had plants marked down on special. For $1 each, I thought I’d give them a shot. These are serranos hopefully destined for salsa.


There are tiny peppers already forming on both. Not sure if that’s a good sign or not.

Pumpkins: They seem happy.


Rhubarb: a couple stalks died back after transplant, but new growth is forming. It probably won’t be harvestable this year, but a dead-easy perennial edible is something everyone should covet.


Sunflowers: Meh. Not impressive so far. They’re supposed to be beneficial as an interplanted crop, so I’ll keep trying, but I’m surprised at how small they are.


Tomatoes: We’ve got a few different varieties going now. My seed starts seem happy. I just planted some store transplants (also bargain priced). No blooms yet on any of them.


These cherry tomatoes were started from seed in a western exposure window and were super leggy when I planted them. I don’t think a single one died, even though some of the transplants were litte more than sprouts with a few bare roots when I stuck them in the ground.

Store starts. Three Early Girls and two Old Germans.

Store starts. Three Early Girls and two Old Germans.

Turnips: no bulbs yet, but if the maturity is as fast as the seed packet (30 days), by next month I’ll have pulled them all.


Zucchini: Just getting going.


Not pictured:

  • Kohlrabi: sowed this recently and it hasn’t germinated yet.
  • Spinach: I have a few left. To be honest, my crop has been pathetic. Under 100g by weight. I thought greens were supposed to be easy!


I recently put together a small indoor seed starting area. I don’t have much to show for it yet, but here are a couple pictures.


That’s basil. Maybe.

Purple peacock broccoli. My direct sows never germinated, but these seem happy.

Purple peacock broccoli. My direct sows never germinated, but these seem happy.


Waiting for propagation.


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