It’s not sewing, it’s Pokemon surgery

I just made Goblins Alpha and Beta’s days: I sewed something for the first time in years. I think the last time I used a needle and thread was a spate of mandatory volunteering during high school.

Chikorita needed some refoliation work and a hernia repair.

IMAG0291  IMAG0290


Cyndaquil needed a knee(ish) repair.


Clearly my stitching needs lots, lots of work. Tying knots that small with my fingers is hard. But once you start stitching, I can see the appeal – even when the finished product isn’t that pretty.

To be honest, I’d forgotten until just a week ago that we even had a sewing kit. It’s quite old but has a decent stock of thread, needles, and scissors.


4 Comments on “It’s not sewing, it’s Pokemon surgery”

  1. machinegunmama says:

    Hurray for stuffed animal surgery! It always end in a smile for someone 🙂

  2. Nicely done! My brother-in-law, who is also an at-home parent, recently learned to sew so that he could do a mock up for a potential line of zombie baby dolls, Zombitties.

  3. Nice work. I sewed the pocket of my leather jacket back together a couple of weeks ago. It was a proud moment. Needed a special needle to go through leather ($2) but overall a really cheap and satisfying fix.
    Plus you’re saving POKEMON(!) Don’t let their plush exteriors fool you — those critters have honest-to-god souls.

  4. […] Buy no new clothes in 2015. The lone exception I’ll allow myself is a pair of athletic trainers. My current pair is already on their last legs. Otherwise, I can’t perceive any needs in my wardrobe and if something unforeseen were to happen, it gives me the incentive to learn better sewing skills. […]

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