Half-Century Quest: Complete

Hey, how about that: I accomplished a goal! Quite a bit faster than I reckoned, as well. I’m normally not a very goal-oriented person, but it felt really good to nab this goal.

I shared this on social media and on the MMM forums when it happened last week, but kept forgetting to share it here. One of my goals for 2014 was to bike a half-century (50 miles) and I fit in a ride that was 50.68 miles, to be exact. The last five miles were not pretty, but I made it and wasn’t too sore the next day.

My average speed for most of the ride was close to 15 mph, but my average for the ride ended up below 14 because of the final few miles. That includes some traffic lights and whatnot, but the combination of trails I use has relatively few intersections and breaks in them.

I’ve also, quite amazingly to myself (and my knees), biked 26 miles with the fully loaded Frankentrailer. That ride was murder, since I am pulling twice the weight but the drag coefficient is probably 4x – and there were very strong head and cross-winds that day.

I don’t know if I’ll do any rides longer than 50 this year or not, primarily because of time, but I definitely enjoy endurance riding and my evil plan is to get the Alchemist into biking so we could do bike tours once the goblins are out of the house or are avid riders themselves.

Any of you completed goals for 2014 yet?


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