The goblins have been quite draining the past couple weeks. I don’t want to rant about it. Kids are hard. It’s life, right?

And yet, other than a rant, I’m finding it difficult to write at all. I need to write. It feels like ages, but by the end of most days I’ve got nothing left to focus.

Most of our free time has been exploring new parts of the city by bike. One thing I should be thankful for is that my whole family is quite cooperative when it comes to my exercise time. The goblins generally sit pretty well in the trailer, but we’ll be lucky to get this summer out of it, since my oldest complains of her knees hurting after a while.

So far we’ve found a new river trail. Well, more like swamp and occasional homeless person trail, but it’s quite peaceful. The goblins went wild in a massive field of dandelions. I busted my legs getting all the way from our west-side house down to the lakefront…but there really isn’t much for kids their age down there. It was a really windy day, not that cold, but cold enough with the wind off the water. The photo above belies the fact that they only wanted to stay about five minutes.

Sometimes all the housework gets to me. There’s always something to get done, and it either cuts into my time, fun parenting time, or school time. I’ve been choosing the former lately and I think it’s catching up to me. Writing is an important outlet and neglecting it unbalances me psychologically.

Work is really, really getting to me. Both the Alchemist and I want weekends together, especially now with the weather so nice. But we can’t. Not yet. We’re close, though. Close enough I spent a few minutes penciling numbers this morning to check. Eight and a half years of mandatory weekends…it gets old.


6 Comments on “Batty”

  1. Ugh. Working weekends must be hard on your marriage! I’m glad the end is in sight.

    And your kids will probably seem nicer in a week or two :-). Mine always do! I hope they are helping with the housework. Have you read the FlyLady? I find that she suggests waaaay too much cleaning (weekly sheet changes, mopping, and dusting? No thanks, I only clean things that look dirty or smell bad) but she does have good ideas for routines and daily “missions” (like one day you might clean the fronts of your cabinets, for instance).

    • David says:

      They pick up their room. If I harangue them for half an hour 😛

      It’s probably the status quo for at least 6-12 months work-wise, but we’ll see how it all shakes out. It’s a non-starter until we retire the same-as-cash loan hanging over us, and after that it’d require dropping to one car and a few interesting lifestyle choices to make it work. But it’s nice to dream 🙂

  2. Dr. Doom says:

    If you need to constructively write but can’t find the time, at least journal. 10 minutes will do it. Wake up earlier if you have to and dump your brain onto the page before you even really gain full consciousness. Makes me feel better anyway. Try for more info — (no, I’m not affiliated with them whatsoever, just making suggestions.) Part of taking care of your kids is taking care of yourself.

    • David says:

      Well, this blog kind of is my journal. Private journaling has never really been my thing. The fact that I’m writing (at least in theory) for an audience helps me organize and reflect, even if I never do actually hit the publish button.

  3. Things sort of ebb and flow. Hopefully things will work out to provide you additional time. Good luck.

  4. I empathize with your sentiment that “there’s always something to get done.” I keep hoping I’ll reach a completed to-do list, but I realize it’s the ongoing process of life…

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