Crocuses are always a welcome sight.

Crocuses are always a welcome sight.

It is important to find the correct cadence in your life. A few weeks ago, my knee started hurting me. After talking with a few cycling folks, I think the issue was that I was using too high of a gear, causing me to strain at a low cadence instead of pump fluidly at a faster cadence. Life, I think, is the same way. I’ve talked before about the positive benefits of stress but we can take it too far. Sometimes backing off 10% can cut 50% or more of the effort, increasing happiness as a reward.

The warmer weather means the goblins and I are gearing up for nature hiking season. We try to get outdoors every day the weather allows, and the past few days have been quite forgiving. My knee is finally okay enough to get the Frankentrailer back out, so we’ve been doing some longer trips to get to new hiking destinations without using the car. Today we biked down the Hank Aaron State Trail and explored both sides of the river at Three Bridges Park.

Isaac at Three Bridges

It’s still quite brown here, but we found a couple really nice spots against the river where they chucked rocks and watched people launching canoes from creative docking spots. They periodically complained of being tired, but I’ve learned since last year that “tired” is code for “bored/unmotivated”. If I’m patient, encourage them, and keep my eye out for interesting things to point out (like the crocuses above) they always surprise me with just how far they can hike and how much they spot.

My girls are renewing their obsession with interesting rocks (only the boring ones got thrown into the river) and asking me so many questions that I think we’ll have to find some geology books at the library. I really don’t know much about them, other than to say the sparkles in the rocks are quartz. Maybe?

Last summer and fall I pushed them too hard with biking and hiking long (for them) distances. I’m trying to find the right cadence to ease them into things, as getting out into nature is such a critical part of my homeschooling program. Absolutely there is some factual knowledge which needs to be taught, but being out in nature allows and encourages the kids (and myself) to learn about the world around us.


2 Comments on “Cadence”

  1. I really like that definition of “tired.” My kids are still toddlers and have definitely found that when I can relax and allow enough time for proceeding at their “cadence,” things are much smoother. I need to allow enough time for jumping off stoops, stopping to watch the garbage truck or an interesting bug, testing one’s balance on the edge of the curb, etc. When I try to hustle them (mostly the three-year-old–I can “hustle” the little one easily as he loves stroller rides), all I get is tears.

    • David says:

      Yup, pretty much all of my kids went through that stage. My oldest was the “worst”. She wanted out of the stroller the INSTANT she could walk.

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