Alcoholic Athleticism

I never got around to writing a follow-up post to my Drink Only Water Challenge but it went abysmally. I stuck to it for about two weeks and then was back to drinking just as much alcohol as before. Interestingly enough, it’s when I’ve not been trying to limit my consumption that my body is doing it for me.

Ever since starting to ride my bike every single day, no excuses save sickness or truly dangerous weather (e.g. tornado or blizzard) I’ve become much more mindful of the impact alcohol has on my body. To be frank, I feel like crap when I drink. I still enjoy the taste of a good beer or wine, but if I let myself have more than one (way too easy) I am sluggish and nauseous for a good 24 hours afterwards. My body is a bio-chemical machine operating at a higher peak efficiency than ever before, and introducing a toxin makes the efficiency loss that much more apparent.

Or something like that. I make no claims to be a personal fitness expert.

I’m not about to become a teetotaler but I crave alcohol far less now that I’m aware of just how much it effects me. We’ll see how it goes long-term, but I’m really enjoying my bike routine, so anything that gets in the way of my body’s physical performance becomes that much easier to discard from my life.


4 Comments on “Alcoholic Athleticism”

  1. I don’t drink every day or even every week… for me, the weakness is coffee. Only one or two a day, but I’m reaaally hooked on my daily naptime mug. I should try going without it for a week… but I am not ready to commit to that idea yet :-). Kudos to you for recognizing the impact of even that second glass!

    • David says:

      If you’re going to give up coffee, it takes a week just to get past the headaches. Ask me how I know that 😉

    • Gero1369 says:

      You may wish to try tea. I drink black tea (Irish or British/English breakfast teas work well for me). I use one tea bag twice in the morning and add another bag to my cup for the afternoon. If I feel like something a bit sweeter, I use honey. I do sometimes add a bit of milk to change things up as well. I do occasionally drink coffee, but far less than the several cups a day that I did at my peak. I typically only drink it once in the morning to get going after a late night or if I’m particularly beat for some reason.

      • David says:

        5 months later, I’m pretty much caffeine free and liking it. I can be alcohol free but prefer small amounts. It’s keeping it to small amounts that remains an issue. I miss my seltzer water. I need to get over to the “Beyond” section to get my SodaStream cylinder exchanged.

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