Beta readers wanted

I’m looking for a few people to read and critique my work in progress, a novel titled The Thirteenth Orbit.

For those interested, I’d share a chapter at a time via Google Docs. I’m looking for feedback deeper than “hey this sucks/hey this is awesome” but the detail beyond that is entirely up to you. Any and all feedback is appreciated 🙂

A synopsis*:

Amelie is thirteen orbits old, and the only daughter of Xainu’s premier terraforming scientists. She loves living on her parent’s farm in the remote high country, but her fencing skill has brought fame beyond her age. In the midst of the most recent tournament, she discovers the dark past of her parents, and is given an offer to go down the same path they did.

The war between magic and technology tore the Grey Empire apart thousands of orbits ago. As a colony, Xainu has freedoms the homeworld doesn’t have, but will Amelie’s interest in forbidden magic bring the ancient war to their new world?

If interested, please contact me at davidhughes117 [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks!

*Writing a good synopsis is hard. This is my best version yet, but I’m sure this will see more iterations than most of the book itself. It’s so hard to boil thousands of words down into a handful of sentences!


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  1. […] strongest WIP is a novel called The Thirteenth Orbit (current in a second draft and being actively beta read), set roughly 4,000 years into the established history of the world, but I’ve got unfinished […]

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