Half-Century Quest Update #2

Big change since the last update. Instead of my 14 year-old Schwinn Mesa MTB, I’m now riding a Trek 7500 FX. It’s a really nice bike that I picked up off craigslist for $250 ($280 if you count the mileage it took to grab it).

The very first ride on it, it felt so good that I add about 5 extra miles to my 25 mile loop. A second 30 mile ride wasn’t as idyllic but it’s a huge improvement over the Schwinn in comfort and speed. Thinner tires have lower rolling resistance, gearing is just as low for hill climbs, but it’s got considerably taller gearing on the high side, promising very fast rides once my legs get stronger/more seasoned.

That said, I think I’m going to experiment with a different training program. Instead of two (maybe three) long rides at night, I want to have more time with the goblins and the Alchemist, so I am thinking of doing shorter rides very early in the morning before the Alchemist leaves for work. I used to be one of those 5AM gym rats, so I know it’s doable, but I’ve gotten in the habit of sleeping until close to 7AM most mornings, so this will take some adjustment.

This could mean the end of my quest, but we’ll see. I’d rather trade rides every day for extra family time 🙂


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