My flabby willpower

Willpower is a muscle. It’s only as strong as how often you exercise it.

When it comes to personal fitness, my internal motivation has been strong and remains so. My main limitation is the competing desire to spend time with the Alchemist and our lovely litter of goblins. Our frugality muscles are also quite buff after discovering Mr. Money Mustache, and if you haven’t already, read his article on frugality as a muscle.

Diet, the other cornerstone of health and well-being, is my weak point. I best resist food temptations by not being things in the first place, but there’s been an awful lot of questionably nutritious items in the house from care packages and whatnot during the holidays. I suck at resisting sweets, even though I know they’ll make me feel like garbage. For whatever reason, I resist stuff at work really well, but not so much at home.

My cravings for alcohol have similarly been torpedoing my water only personal challenge this month. My consumption of caffeine is zero, which is a huge plus. Even the gentler teas were giving me comedown headaches as bad as my morning coffee used to before I gave it up. Alcohol consumption is down considerably, but it’s not the zero I want it to be. At the end of January, I’ll let you know whether I got my act together or not. I will certainly try.

I know my food/drink willpower muscle is very flabby. I can resist for hours, maybe a few days when I’m really good, but when my stamina gives out, I collapse like an ill-conditioned marathoner in 110F heat. Habits aren’t built in a day, but I really want to build these habits. Public shame seems to work on me, so expect to see a few more of these posts as I continue to work on aspects of my life that need to change.

If you joined in on the water-only challenge, how are YOU doing?


4 Comments on “My flabby willpower”

  1. You have a really inspirational blog going on. Sorry if I am going to spam you a bit as I am catching up 😉
    This post hit home, unfortunately. All muscles are flabby due to lack of willpower 😀 Alcohol is not a problem though, I rarely drink at all. So that’s one plus.

    • David says:

      Thanks for the kind words!

      Alcohol is increasingly going away for me. The more fit I get, the more I can feel how it affects me.

  2. Moonwaves says:

    Heh. I’m spamming you with comments a bit too, as I’m also just making my way through your archives. I’m cursed not only with a severely flabby willpower but also a perverse type of stubborness which seems to be becoming more and more contrary as times goes by.

    Example: This year after a few years of worrying/thinking about it, finding out some stuff but never really committing to following through on the research and so on, I decided that fish is just too much of a minefield when it comes to environmental and sustainability issues and that I will just not eat it anymore (unless I magically found somewhere/someone to go fishing with to catch my own). Had mostly been avoiding it until I’d made my mind and was relieved to have come to a decision. Cue intense cravings for fish on a regular basis and tins of tuna and fish fingers creeping back into my shopping basket after a few years of almost never buying them. Sometimes I really hate the way my mind seems to work.

    • David says:

      For tuna, I stick to the “sustainable” kind, which is still probably a mixed bag. Alaskan salmon, which is always wild caught, is a very sustainably managed fishery. Wild caught rainbow trout is also well regarded.

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