Personal Challenge January 2014: Drink Only Water

I didn’t do a “2014 Resolutions” post, but I do have two overarching goals:

  • Ride 50 Miles
  • Get Thirteenth Orbit ready to submit

Alongside those I want to do some smaller, focused challenges. I don’t know if this will be every month or sprinkled throughout the year, but it’s a way to motivate myself to try and develop some new habits.

This month my goal is to drink only water for the entire month, starting today. I’ve been drinking too much alcohol, and while tea and the occasional sparkling juice concoction aren’t bad for me, I think this will be a nice chance to work on my personal Stoicism. Roman Stoicism in particular is about being able to derive satisfaction from very simple things, like fresh water, bread, rice, etc. So this is both a personal health as well as a mental well-being exercise.

Comment below if you’re interested in joining in! At the end of the month, I’ll let you know how I do šŸ™‚


6 Comments on “Personal Challenge January 2014: Drink Only Water”

  1. Interesting. I may join you with the water goal starting on Monday. I already plan on starting a cleaner diet then as well. Been feeling way too sluggish.

    • David says:

      Great! Hope both of us stick with it! šŸ™‚

      • Here is what I will be working on since I’m sick of how things have been going for myself (you have inspired me). Some of these are embarrassing to admit, but at least I plan on working on them for good.

        1. Starting on Monday, I plan on only drinking water for 31 Days. No coffee, no tea.

        2. Also starting on Monday, I plan on trying to stick to the Eat to Live diet for as long as possible. It’s a diet where you try to eat foods with a higher nutrients and either really limit or avoid low nutrient foods. I did this at the end of summer and I lost over 10 lbs in a little less than a month. Being vegan, it made it easier for me to stick to the stricter Eat to Live plan with a higher weight loss result.

        3. Get back to exercising/going to the gym. I did a 30-day challenge from mid-November to mid-December and I lost .50 inches total. Was nice to see a slight difference in my upper arms and even feel push-ups become more easy to do. Considering doing another one or just create a home workout plan for the mornings I don’t make it to the gym.

        4. Find ways to save money. Hoping that 1-3 helps cut down on my need for doctor appointments. Also, going on a spending freeze until more birthdays and similar come up. Can only spend money on health, food, bills and gas.

        5. Finally reach my goal weight range.. Been going up and down way too much. I mostly maintain a normal BMI, but I honestly have been hovering around the highest normal BMI for myself and have slipped past it a few times as well. Tired of only trying to lose weight. Time to just do it.

        6. Take steps towards getting a better job. Would be nice to hit $50K+/year.

        7. I feel awful for this one. Read an entire book. I have been reading, but I tend to read almost halfway through many books and then I honestly forget to pick it back up again. Would be nice to even hit a small goal of 5 books for 2014.

      • David says:

        Glad I could inspire you! And you know I’m around here or on Twitter if you need moral support šŸ™‚

        Here’s a few responses

        1. If you’re an avid caffeine drinker, welcome to about two weeks of withdrawal. Once you’re free, though, it’s amazing! Until this challenge, I would have the occasional coffee at work and tea at home, mostly because I was cold/bored.

        2. I’m still finding the sweet spot for myself with regards to Paleo, because I still like having grains in my diet (and it’s hard getting enough calories for my activity level without grains when I can’t afford to buy enough meat to replace that). I wish I could say I’ve lost weight, but over the past two months I’ve gained some back. Luckily, it’s mostly muscle. Still plenty of fat to lose on my end but people are usually surprised when I tell them how much I weigh (they always guess low).

        4. For great inspiration about money, I personally like Mr Money Mustache (worth reading the blog from front to back, or at least clicking on the “random article” generator) and Early Retirement Extreme.

        7. Heh, I’m an avid reader. TV/movies don’t do much for me anymore and video games haven’t had much draw either. I split my free time on reading/writing (not a ton lately)/board games.

  2. […] never got around to writing a follow-up post to my Drink Only Water Challenge but it went abysmally. I stuck to it for about two weeks and then was back to drinking just as much […]

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