Half-Century Quest Update #1

One of my personal goals for 2014 is to ride a half-century (50 miles). So far I think I’ve achieved solid progress towards that goal.

Tonight marked my second week at 20 miles, and third ride in a row of personal best times. I will probably give myself one more week at 20 miles and then up the distance again.

Ride Notes*

  • Weather: 35F, light rain that changed over to freezing rain during the last mile (I almost wiped out right in front of my house!)
  • Recorded Distance: 19.92 mi
  • Time: 1:43:56
  • Speed: 11.54 MPH

My ride on Tuesday averaged out to 10.9 MPH, with a much faster front half that had me burn out on the second half, so tonight I intentionally held myself back on the front half, recording 5:10 splits against a light headwind. This paid major dividends on the back half of the route. The last two hill climbs still gassed me but I hadn’t run out of stamina. This has me really hopeful for the next distance increase.

*I doubt I’m going to type up every ride but I’ll try and post milestones along the way. Stats were measured with the RunKeeper (Android) app using an HTC One.


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