Nanowrimo 2013: Day 20

I’m still running strong at day 20 despite the lack of updates. Each day keeps getting harder to hit word count, but my story has undergone a couple of really cool twists that I didn’t see coming – but hopefully will still work when I get to revisions next month!

Originally I planned it as a single “coming of age” book, taking the protagonist Amelie from 13 to 20, but the very first orbit of her story has ended up jam-packed with interesting people and events. We’ve journeyed to a number of fantastic locales and she’s learned a number of surprising things about the magic system in my world. So far I think I’ve done a good job of portraying the technology versus magic war without it simply being black or white. Except for the one sub-faction that’s completely black. There has to be one, right?

Because of the book’s renewed focus, I’ve renamed it Thirteenth Orbit, book 1 of a trilogy (or more?) titled “Princess of Xainu”. If things go to plan, I’ve also started having ideas for a series involving Amelie when she’s an adult. We’ll see if that ever comes to be.


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