Nanowrimo 2013 Winner!


I just wrote 50,238 words in 29 days. Forgive me if I don’t write a post to join this, but I won!

Whew.Ā Thirteenth Orbit is not quite done yet, but I’m currently working on the ending as we speak. While I revise it and break it up into chapters, fixing numerous pacing and internal consistency issues, I will switch Sunset’s Apprentice to my active writing project once again.

Until book 2 of the series, tentatively titled The Polar Moon takes even greater precedence šŸ˜‰

As far as when YOU will be able to read Thirteenth Orbit, I am leaning towards self-publishing via Amazon but that’s a whole other project.


Nanowrimo 2013: Day 20

I’m still running strong at day 20 despite the lack of updates. Each day keeps getting harder to hit word count, but my story has undergone a couple of really cool twists that I didn’t see coming – but hopefully will still work when I get to revisions next month!

Originally I planned it as a single “coming of age” book, taking the protagonist Amelie from 13 to 20, but the very first orbit of her story has ended up jam-packed with interesting people and events. We’ve journeyed to a number of fantastic locales and she’s learned a number of surprising things about the magic system in my world. So far I think I’ve done a good job of portraying the technology versus magic war without it simply being black or white. Except for the one sub-faction that’s completely black. There has to be one, right?

Because of the book’s renewed focus, I’ve renamed it Thirteenth Orbit, book 1 of a trilogy (or more?) titled “Princess of Xainu”. If things go to plan, I’ve also started having ideas for a series involving Amelie when she’s an adult. We’ll see if that ever comes to be.

Nanowrimo 2013: Day 4

It’s going really well so far!

Amelie and her world have developed really well. There’s a great deal of atmosphere present, which really pleases me since Xainu (and the colonies in general) have always been a massive blackhole in my world-building.

More importantly, however, my protagonist has a Best Friend. She didn’t start the story as a best friend. Originally, Yennefer was just someone at the fencing school who thought Amelie was “just okay”. Background scenery, in other words. But the two girls (both 13 orbits old) are becoming fast friends, and bonding over a semi-shared Dark Past.

Obviously, I don’t want to spoil anything, but it’s leading to very interesting places.

Word Count: 7,152Ā (Par is 6,668)

Nanowrimo 2013: Day 1

True to form, I’ve made another snap decision. This time, I jumped into National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo, Nano for even shorter shorthand) with less than 24 hours preparation!

For those of you unfamiliar with the basic concept of Nano, the goal is to write a 50,000 word draft novel in 30 days. I’ve written far more than 1,667 words in a single day before, but I’veĀ never been able to sustain that pace for an entire month. It’s a cool challenge, though, and one I’m hoping to “win” for the very first time this year, especially since it’s the writing equivalent of my favorite acronym – GOYA, or “Get Off Your Ass”.Ā My main limitation is usually the one wrist I haven’t done carpal tunnel surgery on, and it’s already hurting some, but I’m hoping the built-in “posture changes” of having goblins underfoot will let me grit it through.

Issues ofĀ Sunset’s Apprentice may slow down some, but I don’t want to take a whole month off.

The novel I am writing for Nano takes place in the same universe asĀ Apprentice but thousands of years earlier, and not on Nelara itself. Instead, I’m making my first serious attempt to write a story on one of the Grey Empire’s interstellar colonies, set very early after the first terraformers landed. So far it’s got a nice, rough-hewn-wood-houses-and-dusty-landscape-mixed-with-crazy-space-technology vibe that’s pretty cool.

My protagonist begins at thirteen ‘orbits’ old, and her name is Amelie Teresia ______ (working on the surname). She’s a little firecracker at this age but I don’t want to fall into the trap of the “overly strong” strong female protagonist. In a brief little story that never really went anywhere, she was going to be younger, only ten, because I originally invented her as a heroine for a “middle-grade” book that my little goblins could read with me. This is turning out more in the YA vein, but I definitely don’t want the heavily adult natureĀ Sunset’s Apprentice takes on in later issues (at least in previous, unseen, drafts).

The tentative titleĀ Princess of Xainu.

Day 1 (Par is 1,667):Ā 2,599