Goblin Hoard: Making Purchases

A lot of times we feel the need to buy something, whether it’s a real need, a perceived need, or simply a luxury item. Bookmark this page. Refer to this checklist when you want to buy something:

  1. Slap yourself. If you’re like us and just starting out on the race to retirement, you have a negative worth. Do you even have a $1,000 emergency fund?
  2. Ask your life partner, especially if over $10. If they veto it, calmly accept it. They’re running the race with you. Oh, you’re single? Ask The Goblin Chief, or my master, Mr. Money Mustache.
  3. Oh, but it’s so shiny! I NEED THIS. Stop. Refer to step 1. Once the pain has gone away and your head is clearer, take a day – a week – do I REALLY need this? What do I already have that might do this FOR me? My brain is spinning with uses for things I had long ago filed under “needs to be e-waste recycled/given away when I’m over near the thrift store”.
  4. I still need this, I hate to admit it, but I have to spend money on something that’s not food or housing. Start with Craigslist’s free section. Paid ads. Thrift stores. Rummage sales. Friends and family. Then, and only then, are you allowed to buy it. When you do buy something new, however, do everyone a favor and purchase a quality item that will last for generations.

Building wealth, in a wealthy country like America, is less about having “more”. It’s about consuming less. Added bonus: the less consumption you do, the happier you will be. The phrase “retail therapy” makes me want to vomit. When have you ever felt good purchasing something? Why is it we’re so happy when getting rid of things, reorganizing, decluttering — simplifying?


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